A soldier’s mantra is “never quit.”  Most of the time this is a good mantra, a tough mantra, a mantra that allows people to push forward.  For () John Fairbanks, there were times when a bit of quitting might have been the best action.  Fairbanks suffered years of symptoms that portended a MI episode that he ignored.  “ I ignored symptoms for years and it wasn’t until I talked with my friend Dr. Robert Brust who asked me what I felt.”  Fairbanks, a fit endurance athlete, felt pain when exercising.  The tingling pins and needles that underscored his efforts ended up being the beginnings of a blockage that affected his cardiovascular output.  “I know what the symptoms are now.  When exercising, I feel only my breath, not pain.” 

Visit the following link for more on John’s incredible story. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl//4724528.html